Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya one museum, 1000 years of art
The Palau Nacional, the emblematic building of the 1929 International Exhibition, is the home of the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya. It is situated on the mountain of Montjuīc, a privileged site from where you can enjoy a magnificent and unique view of the city of Barcelona.

The Palau Nacional is situated in a unique setting: Montjuīc, the mountain of museums, leisure and sport, well on the way to becoming an area of culture and life. The institutions you will find spread around the Park, of renowned international prestige, make Montjuīc the museum centre par excellence in Barcelona, with a diverse, complete offer. As well as the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, you can visit the Fundaciķ Joan Mirķ, the Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya, the Museu Etnolōgic and CaixaForum, among others.
Palau Nacional
Palau Nacional
The Oval Hall
The Oval Hall
The Sert room
The Sert room
Let us review for a moment the history of this imposing building:
  • 1926 The laying of the Foundation Stone of the Palau Nacional.
  • 1929 Opening of the Palau Nacional.
  • 1934 Home of the Museu d'Art de Catalunya.
  • 1985 First projects and debates on its restoration.
  • 1990 Beginning of the first phase of renovation work according to the plan by the architects Gae Aulenti and Enric Steegmann.
  • 1992 Renovation of the Oval Hall (Olympic ceremony), consolidation and partial structural adaptation of the building and the renovation of two temporary exhibition galleries.
  • 1995 The reinstallation of the Romanesque Art Collection meant the reopening of the Museum to the public.
  • 1997 Installation of the Gothic Art Collection, thus completing the Museum's mediaeval art collection.
  • 2000 The second and last stage of the work to consolidate the Palau Nacional as the home of the MNAC began, in readiness for the definitive installation, in 2004, of all the MNAC's art collections.
  • 2002 March 2002. Beginning of the architecturak and museographic works from the architects Gae Aulenti and Josep Benedito.
  • 2003 Opening of the small room for temporary exhibitions.
  • 2004 End of the renovation works of the Palau Nacional, the collections are moved and installed. On the 16th December, the official opening is presided by the Kings of Spain.
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