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The MNAC involves the institution as a whole in its good environmental policies through training, example and joint proposals for specific improvement measures.

Internal communication is aimed at the involvement and participation of all employees to preserve what belongs to all of us, all together.

Make a note of the advice and put it into practice at home and at work:


- If we put uncrumpled paper in the bins we can optimise space in the bin and transport cost.
- Don't throw away plastified paper, staples, clips, aluminium or anything with remains of organic matter.

Climate control

- Keep doors and windows closed when climate control systems are operating.
- Set the thermostat to approximately 20º C in winter and 25º C in summer.

Computer equipment

- Turn off monitors when the computer is not in use.
- Power down computers at the end of the day (the idea that turning off the computer reduces its useful life is a myth).
- Connect imaging equipment (scanners, printers, etc.) to the network. This means les equipment is needed and increases efficiency.


- Unplug appliances from the mains.
- Use low-consumption bulbs and only turn lights on as necessary.
- Turn off fluorescent lights and turn them on again if we leave the room for more than 5 minutes.

Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Reduce: Help reduce waste to a minimum with the introduction of good practices.
  • Reuse: Take advantage of items in good condition and avoid disposable products.
  • Recycle: Once waste has been produced, selective recycling means it can be given a new purpose
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