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Patronage and Sponsorship
Sponsorship is one of the Museum's sources of finance, which allows it to maintain the high level of excellence expected of a cultural institution like the MNAC.

We invite you to form part / be members / of the group of corporations, leaders in their fields, who have chosen to associate their image with the Museum's future to make the development of its projects possible.

According to the annual contribution you wish to make, you can belong to the following categories:
  • Sponsor
  • Collaborator


A precise number of advantages or compensations corresponds to each category, such as:
  • Tax advantages
  • Participation in the Museum's governing bodies
  • Public acknowledgement of the collaboration
  • Invitation to the annual acknowledgement reception
  • Compensations in image and communication
  • Invitations to the opening of temporary exhibitions and important events at the Museum
  • Use of public spaces at the MNAC for corporate events
  • Use of the MNAC's image
  • Advantages in admission to the MNAC
  • Discounts and preferential treatment in the Museum's restaurants, Shop and Bookshop

Specific Sponsorship and Collaboration

The Programme envisages other ways of helping the MNAC like sponsorship or collaboration on specific projects.

In these cases, the contributions are assigned to the mounting of an exhibition, an activity or a specific programme of action by the Museum.

The individuals and businesses that choose this way of helping the Museum also enjoy a large number of benefits and compensations according to the category chosen and the action or programme they wish to collaborate on.

If you are interested in contributing to making the development of the MNAC's projects possible, you can choose two ways of helping:
    Specific sponsor Specific collaborator

Donation or loan of work of art and documentary material

One of the aims of the sponsorship and patronage programme is to achieve the growth of the MNAC's patrimonial collections - both artistic and documentary - and to contribute to encouraging donations, loans and gifts of works of art.

If you wish to give or loan works or donate documentary material to the MNAC, you are first recommended to contact the corresponding Departament de conservaciˇ del Museu, the Arxiu or the Biblioteca d'Hist˛ria de l'Art and request advice in order to initiate the relationship with the MNAC satisfactorily.

The donor will receive privileged treatment and a specific number of benefits like those set aside for the Museum sponsors.

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