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The MNAC's General Archive was created in 1995 with the aim of administering in a normalised way the documentary material that the institution holds. To achieve this aim a Documentary Administration System was introduced at the museum, in use since 1997.

The Archive is responsible for the design, introduction and control of the corporate system of documentary administration. At the present time, the system functions at all stages of the life of the documents and is extended throughout the organisation through a network of archives: administration archives, the central archive, the historical archive and the sound and image archive. With this structure the museum controls the institution's production of documents, guarantees the correct conservation of the material, ensures access and safeguards the confidentiality of the reserved data contained in the documents, in compliance with the Generalitat de Catalunya's Law 10/2001 'Archives and Documents'.

As regards the provenance of the material, in the Archive both the material generated by the Museum since 1991, the year the consortium was created, and the historical material produced by the institutions that now make up the MNAC is conserved: Catalan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Department of Drawings and Prints, Numismatic Department of Catalonia and General Library of Art History.
As well as the institution's own documents, the MNAC's Archive holds other material from institutions that were directly associated with the creation of the art museums in Barcelona and the public art collections and, as a result, closely related to the birth of the institutions that now make up the MNAC. Thus in the Archive there is all the documentation conserved of the material from the different Fine Art Exhibitions Organising Committees, 1891-1946 and part of the material of the Barcelona Museums Board, 1906-1981. You can also find personal material related to the art world.

Furthermore, besides the material in text format, the archive has a section specializing in the management of images, the Sound and Image Archive.

All the documents catalogued by the Archive are managed by document management software that makes it possible to know, with a single consultation, which documents are kept in the Archive on a specific work of art or activity. In this way, the archive becomes a tool fully integrated in the Museum's Information System.
List of Material:
- Material of the Barcelona City Council Exhibitions Organising Committee (1891-1922, 1942 and 1944)
- Collections of the Museum of Modern Art (1973-1990)
- Collections of the Museum of Catalan Art (1960-1990)
- Collections of the Numismatic Department of Catalonia (1932-1990)
- Collections of the Library of Art History (1940-1990)
- Collections of the Department of Drawings and Prints
- Collections of the National Museum of Catalan Art (MNAC). (Since 1991)
- Personal material
- Company material
Types of document:
Texts: 403.46 ml.
Images: 232.05 ml.
- Photographs: 347,882 documents of which 95,134 have been digitalised
- Photolithographs
- X-rays: 578
- Audiovisuals: 632 videos and DVDs
- Audios: 205 tapes and digital audios
- Digital: 1,643 CDs
Maps: 84 ml.
Special formats
Consult the material in the archive:
The General Archive shares the consultation and reprographics services with the Library of Art History
Open to the public:
Monday to Friday, from 9.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. by arrangement
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