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Tąpies: From Within
Date: 21st of Juny 2013 - 3rd of November 2013
One exhibition, two museums

Curator: Vicent Todolķ

This exhibition has been conceived exclusively from the works conserved in the artist's house and the Fundació Antoni Tąpies, and follows two different lines of work: on one hand, the large mural compositions, on the other, the everyday objects and 'poor' materials.

Antoni Tąpies, Blau emblemątic, 1971
 © Fundació Antoni Tąpies, Barcelona / Vegap, 2013

At the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya the development of the mural paintings will be presented through a show that covers his entire artistic output, from the mid 1940s to 2011, from the pastiness and thickness of the paint in the early years to the experimentation with new materials, like varnish, latex and sheet metal, of the following decades. The exhibition clearly shows Tąpies' constant interest in matter with two different but complementary approaches: as a rejection of traditional artistic lenguage and as a synonym of change and transformation.

At the Fundació Antoni Tąpies the selection centres on a series of works from 1946 to 2009 that highlight Tąpies' interest in 'poor' materials and objects: from the use of cardboard, thread and string of the early works, to the assambly and the incorporation of the object on the surface of the canvas that become more evident from the late 1960s. The selection reveals Tąpies' wish to magnify what is considered small and insignificant in order to show that anything thought of as marginal can suggest essentioal ideas.

Due logistical reasons, the Fundació Antoni Tąpies will be closed to the public as an exception between Monday 23 and Saturday September 28.

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The Image of the Hero in Catalan Sculpture (1800-1850)
Date: 31st of May 2013 - 27th of October 2013

The exhibition The Image of the Hero in Catalan Sculpture (1800 – 1850) is the latest intervention to be found amongst the museum’s modern art collection, due to the collaboration of the GRACMON group ( Research group of the History of Contemporary Art and Design) of the University of Barcelona. Its inauguration coincides with the start of the II Jornades Internacionals d’Activitat del Cląssic (Second International Conference of Classic Acitivity) which takes place in Barcelona on the 30th and 31st of May 2013.

Pau Montańa, Male Nude. Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

The Image of the Hero in Catalan Sculpture (1800 – 1850) is a dialogue of sculptures created during the first half of the 19th century, which share the same thematic paradigm, that of the representation of the Hero, and drawings or academias by up-and-coming artists who, precisely because of their drawings of models, have achieved international acclaim. The drawings realised for the exhibition are based on the sculptures that form the route of the overall display/ exhibition, interpreted and elaborated freely, with surprising and suggestive results.
The artists work pays tribute to the sculptures which, generations before them, made that drawings of models became one of the fundamental bases of their work.

The display can be seen in a simultaneously in various museums and institutions in Catalonia: in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, the emphasis is placed on the work of Damią Campany, an artist who is also the centre of the work displayed in the Biblioteca Museo Vķctor Balaguer in Vilanova I la Geltrś. In the Museu de la Reial Acadčmia Catalana de Bellas Arts de Sant Jordi, the majority of the sculpture produced in the Escuela de Belles Artes during this time is conserved. In the Museu Frederic Marčs of Barcelona, the selected to form part of the exhibition bring us a magnificent selection of anatomic fragments in gesso, belonging to the former academic collection.

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