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The Museum: common ground for integration
The aim of the programme The Museum: common ground for integration is to foster initiatives for participation that help to develop strategies for avoiding all forms of exclusion. The activities taking place in the framework of this programme are accessible, bearing in mind that accessibility does not refer only to problems of mobility or physical access (architectural barriers), but also to barriers to communication and relations, which can make access to culture difficult or impossible.
As part of this programme, the MNAC has launched Portraits March - October 2012), which is the continuation of the Portraits project carried out in 2009. In this second edition, the object is to look creatively at the subject of portraiture and self-portraiture. The project aims to show the diversity in the lives and stories of people who society often treats as individuals belonging to a homogeneous group with no individual identity.
Portraits is based on a selection of works from the Collection of Modern Art, like Bernat Mercadé's Portrait of Teresita Wearing Blue Bows, Joaquim Sunyer's The Ribas Sisters or the Self-Portraits by Marià Fortuny, Ramon Casas and others.
- The portrait and the self-portrait
- The literary portrait
- The construction of the self-portrait from a visual narrative
The course:
At the first session, artist-instructor Mar Morón and the Museum instructors, along with the carers, introduce the subject of portraits to the people taking part in the project, who then produce a portrait of one of their companions.
At the second session, the visit to the Museum takes place so that they can get to know the works previously studied, and in the creative workshop they will produce a self-portrait and a period portrait inspired in Santiago Rusiñol's work Romantic Novel.
Finally, after leaving the Museum, all the participants will produce a filmed self-portrait: each user will make their own self-portrait out of his or her personal possessions.

The show:
The project ends in October with a show of the participants' work at the MNAC's EducArt section.
Filmed self-portrait. Final interview participants. 2009 Edition
Institutions taking part:
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Obra Social La Caixa
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