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The MNAC shop, managed by Laie, stocks a large offer in exclusive goods designed and produced by the Museum itself. Here you will find articles that have been carefully selected in keeping with criteria of quality and originality.

We offer a wide variety of articles inspired in the works in the Museum's collections and its different artistic periods. Stationery, prints, ceramics, glass, fabrics..., a wide range of products directed specifically at customers interested in the world of art.

Custom Archival Prints

With our new Custom Archival Prints service, you can now buy a reproduction of whatever work you like best in the Museum. All you have to do is select the work, the size and the frame and we'll send it to you at home. Make your purchase at the kiosk in our shop, on our web site or on the 1000Museums web site.

1000Museums is the first provider of reproductions of works of art from the world's best collections and museums. Thanks to an agreement with the MNAC, you can now enjoy a heritage that belongs to all of us in your own home.

By buying our products you'll be contributing to the conservation and dissemination of the MNAC's heritage. Thank you.

To access the purchase catalogue of Custom Archival Prints click the 1000Museums logo:
1000 Museums
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