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Photocopying service

Photocopies: The material in the Library can be photocopied in black and white or in colour, as long as it is not books or magazines from the storeroom material, documents prior to 1950, depending on their state of conservation, or large folio format. The library staff will assess the state of the document in each case. Reproductions will be solely for research purposes and respecting the established Copyright legislation.

Photocopy DIN A4: Black and white 0.10 € / Colour 1.10 €
Photocopy DIN A3: Black and white 0.20 € / Colour 1.50 €

Digital reproduction: The Library is currently in the process of introducing the document digitalization service. However, users can photograph books with their own camera, as long as the images are for study and research purposes and they ask the library staff for permission.

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