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The interlibrary document lending and supply service of the MNAC Library is directed at all Spanish libraries requesting an original document or part of a document photocopied from our collection for purposes of research.

In addition, the Library offers internal users the possibility of obtaining documents from other libraries.

Terms for lending from our collection to other libraries

- Duration of loan is 30 days from the date of issue of the item.
- A maximum of three items will be issued per request.
- The requesting library will take responsibility for keeping borrowed documents in good condition and returning them suitably packaged within the established time.
- Borrowed documents may not leave the requesting library.
- Any documents not returned due to loss or theft or returned damaged, must be replaced by the borrower by other specimens of the same edition. In the case of documents that are out of stock, these must be replaced by specimens of similar characteristics. No further documents may be borrowed until such time as this condition is satisfied.

Material not for loan

- Works in the reserve collection (up to 1901).
- General reference works (encyclopaedias, dictionaries, etc.).
- Periodical publications (magazines, bulletins, etc.).
- Grand folio books.
- Illustrated books containing plates or accompanying material (CD-ROMs, diskettes, etc.).
- Audiovisuals and microforms.
- Ephemera (press dossiers, small exhibition catalogues).

The MNAC Library may in certain cases decide to withdraw a document from loan for reasons of preservation and/or conservation.

How to request documents and photocopies in the MNAC Library from other libraries

Documents must be requested with the necessary bibliographic data for identifying them.

In the case of requests for photocopies, please indicate which pages are required.

Requests should be sent to this email address .


Document loanPhotocopies of articles and parts of monographs
Catalonia (CCUC with agreement)0 € 0,10 € per copy
Catalonia and Spain (without agreement)8 € 5 € (per article or block of 1 to 40 copies)

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