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Selection of on-line information resources for art history:

  • Art History Resources on the Web

    Guide to art resources created by Chris Witcombe / Sweet Briar College.

  • Art Library Resources

    Thematic guide to art made by the Art Library of Rutgers University (Nueva Jersey).

  • - La Bibliothèque virtuelle de l'histoire de l'art

    Portal promoted by the library of the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgestichichte in Munich and the Universitatsbibliothek Heidelberg in collaboration with the Institut für Kunstgeschichte der LMU, Munich. Responsible for the collective catalogue of art libraries: - Catalogue virtuel d'histoire de l'art, the resources guide: ART-Guide - Recueil de sources Internet pour l'histoire de l'art.

  • Artque

    Spanish resources directory. Arranged by subjects, it makes searching by words possible. Shows the results of searches arranged by level of relevance in the response.

  • ArtSource

    Careful selection of resources about art and architecture.

  • Fine Arts Library Resources

    Selection of resources of the University of British Columbia library arranged by artistic branches.

  • Fonts d'informació d'interès per a l'estudi de l'art a la Biblioteca de Catalunya

    Selection of sources of information about art from the material in the Biblioteca de Catalunya.

  • Intute: arts and humanities

    Offers access to the best on-line resources for teaching, and arts and humanities research. It now incorporates the former ADAM portal of art, design and architecture information resources, made by librarians in the United Kingdom.

  • Recursos a Internet d'Art i Arquitectura de Ramon Soler

    The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona's (UAB) art and architecture resources page with over 3,000 links.

  • Timeline of Art History. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    An exploration of the history of art from prehistory to the present day based on the works in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York). Includes bibliography.

  • The Virtual Library: History of Art

    Guide to art resources created by Computers and the History of Art Group (CHART).

  • Voice of the Shuttle - Art History

    Website directory specializing in Humanities and Social Sciences.

  • hub_01

    Online documentation center specialized on contemporary thinking and art.

  • Histoire des Arts

    French cultural education portal of the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, which provides online resources for all art forms (painting, sculpture, architecture, etc.) and historical periods.

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