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Policy of Social Resposibility of Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

     The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya is a public service cultural institution, responsible for conserving Catalan artistic heritage so as to boost the social use by means of conservation, research and diffusion at a maximum level, and to transmit this under the best possible conditions to future generations.

     As a public service and as a cultural institution of reference in Catalonia, the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya has the clear aim of contributing to the sustainable development of the country from its specificity, including in its governance and management, the concerns that emerge as a result of the transparent relation and dialogue with our target groups of interest, and to be responsible, in this way, for the consequences and impact that derive from our actions.
     In this sense, the museum has introduced a System of Social Responsibility Management based on the following principles of action:

      - Accountability, towards all our interest groups, of the impacts of our decisions and activities in the society, the environment and the economy, and especially of the significant negative consequences and of the actions taken to prevent the repetition of involuntary and unforeseen negative impacts.

    - Transparency, to reveal in a clear, precise and complete way, and in a reasonable and sufficient way, the information about our policies, decisions and activities for which we are responsible, by including our real and potential impact on the sustainability, to allow the interested parties to accurately assess the effects that the decisions and activities of the organisation produce on their respective interests.

     - Ethical behaviour based on the values of honesty, equity and integrity.
   - Respect for the interests of the parties involved, and to take their points of view into consideration.

     - Respect for the principle of legality, included in the international regulations for behaviour, with the establishment of the necessary mechanisms for knowing and complying with the legal regulations and demands, present and future, and other requirements that the museum subscribes to, adding these to those established in the reference standards implemented.

     - Respect for human rights, to recognise both their importance and their universality.

     - Training, information and awareness-building of our own staff so as to incorporate criteria of sustainability in all the activities of the organisation.

   - Diffusion and promotion among our groups of interest of our policies in questions of sustainability.

     - Prevention of pollution with the efficient use of the natural resources, the raw material and the energy, so as to foster the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste.

     - Continual improvement, to provide all the necessary resources for fulfilling the goals.

     This policy -which is spread in all the fields, is periodically revised and published for the knowledge of all our groups of interest- guides the systems of social responsibility management implemented in our organisation, and its fulfilment is possible thanks to the involvement of all the people who form part of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.

Ethical Code (pdf)
Policy of Social Responsibility of Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (pdf)

Strategy 2017

Strategy 2017

The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya is immersed in a new project intended to give it the central position it should have in society as a cultural reference of the first order. The Museu Nacional needs to be given a clear identity, with the maximum singularity and prominence, in order to become a centre for knowledge and critical participation, a socially established and influential museum, one involved with the community and with an international outreach. In short, the object is a unique and unrepeatable space deployed in multiple dimensions that answer to the complexity and the challenges of the 21st century.

In keeping with the museum’s development since its beginnings and with its principle mission, this project aims to reaffirm its social commitment and its vocation for public service, with the determined wish to:

- Exhibit Catalan artistic expression in its entirety, without chronological limits and with the maximum possible relatedness with the surroundings.

- Enhance the preservation, research, accessibility and visibility of the collections and encourage ample social and educational use.

- Place scientific knowledge, content and idea generation, as well as the collection itself and the museum’s resources, at the service of the public, their enjoyment and enrichment, making the visit, whether physical or virtual, an experience of quality and added value.

The museum must position itself as a top level cultural institution and a social meeting point at the same time, a point of reference for Barcelona, Catalonia and the rest of the world. In this respect, the Museu Nacional must combine two fundamental points of view: to represent a sense of place, reflecting where it is, and, at the same time, to give a universal view from the place it occupies. A museum with a unique model of its own that constantly reworks the stories in Catalan art in their universal context, a museum of diversity, critique and debate.

The present time also calls for new ways of working: the Museu Nacional must be transparent and explain its strategies for action, but it’s also true that at a time of constant change planning tools must be agile and dynamic enough to manage change and complexity. In the mid- and long-term, this Strategy is approached as an open, flexible document capable of adapting, of answering to new and as yet undefined challenges as they arise, a tool at the service of the entire community of the museum and of the citizens, and one that can stimulate us when it comes to putting the change into effect.

To carry out and apply this project, the Museu Nacional proposes taking measures in six strategic areas: the social sphere, the collection, knowledge and research, the national and international spheres and management, all of them laid out in this publication.

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