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A mural by Joan Miró at the Museu Nacional

28 December

The mural Joan Miró and the ceramist Joan Gardy Artigas made in 1978 for the IBM headquarters will be exhibited from 28 November in the Dome Room, on the first floor of the museum.

The mural is almost 9 metres wide by 2 metres high and is made up of 406 refractory ceramic tiles.
The work is the property of the Ministry of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya and is on long-term loan to the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.

Creators IN RESiDENCE 2013-2014

Creators IN RESIDENCE in high-schools is an artist-in-residence programme in public high-schools in Barcelona. Each creator conceives his own artistic project to be developed at high-school with a group of secondary-education students, and the whole teaching staff is also involved.

This year David Bestué is in residence at Institut Secretari Coloma.

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