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The Digital Era, what are Catalan museums doing?

On the occasion of the MuseumNext international conference held in Barcelona, on 23 May the MNAC organised the event The Digital Era, what are Catalan museums doing? During the afternoon attendees could see the most innovative initiatives being developed by Catalan museums in the digital sphere. Turnout was high and the event was a success with the public. Most Catalan museums showed great interest in the digital projects of the other institutions and in finding out about digital trends in the museum world.

The event was widely followed on Twitter via the #digimus hashtag, which was very busy all afternoon. You can find a summary of all the tweets it generated here.

For further information on MuseumNext in Barcelona, see:
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CC-BY-SA-3.0 Kippelboy

Social networks and web 2.0 presence in Lleida's museums

Esther Solé i Martí, Universitat de Lleida

Arts combinatòries.
Un espai d'Arxiu per a l'Educació i la Recerca

Linda Valdés and Núria Solé, Fundació Antoni Tàpies

Heritage apps: outside the walls of the museum

Albert Sierra,
General Directorate of Cultural Heritage Generalitat de Catalunya

The nucleus of the museum collections: enhanced information for the community

Francesc Uribe and Cristina Serradell,
Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona

Photoscopy: a collaborative project for photographic collections

Albert Carreras,
Museum of Rural Life, L'Espluga de Francolí

The Mexican Suitcase Exhibition Blog. Rediscovering a passion for the history of photography in the digital era

Elisabet Pueyo,
Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

Indoor localisation to improve visitor's experience

Jesús Pablo González and Marc Ciurana, Parc Tecnològic del Vallès

New ways of relating to art: augmented reality at the Museu de Mataró

Alexandra Prats, curator, and Carles Marfà, Museu de Mataró
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