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Calendar of activities
The Museum Explores. Talks and Thechnical sessions

Temporary exhibitions

Guided visits to the exhibition (from 1 December)

Saturday at 11 am (in Spanish) and at 12.30 pm (in Catalan)
Duration: 1 hr
Free activity
For groups with prior booking: tel. 93 622 03 75 or

devices are issued 20 minutes before each visit at the groups desk. To
speed the process, please ensure you are on time. In special cases, the
museum may change the conditions of access to the visit. We apologise
for any inconvenience.

Free family activity. How do artists work?
Unguided itinerary for exploring the exhibition with the family

Artist’s working procedures leave traces in their work that show up when restorers and curators study it closely.
a selection of cases in the exhibition, you will be able to discover
and experiment with little-known aspects of artists’ techniques,
materials and creative processes.

Presentation of the exhibition to teachers and teaching material

On Tuesday 11 December at 6 pm we are presenting the exhibition The Museum Explores
to all teachers. Mireia Mestre, head of the MNAC’s Department of
Restoration and Preventive Conservation and curator of the exhibition,
will be giving a guided tour. Afterwards, specialists from the education
department will present all the teaching material they have prepared so
that teachers can hold activities in the classroom relating to this

The presentation does not require prior registration but places are limited.

The teaching material will soon be available on this site for downloading.

Free application The Museum Explores for iPad (also available for Android soon).

Talks (free activity)

22 November, 6.30 pm
Explore/Explain. Inaugural talk
Mireia Mestre (MNAC). Exhibition rooms

29 November, 7 pm
New attribution and restoration process of Juan Bautista Maíno’s ‘The Conversion of Saint Paul’
Francesc Quílez and Carles Pongiluppi (MNAC). Maíno Room of the Modern Art Collection

13 December, 7 pm
Artistic objects in private hands, practical tips for conserving them (talk and discussion)
Benoit Vincens de Tapol (MNAC). MNAC Auditorium

20 December, 7 pm
Study of the ‘Mona Lisa’ in the Museo del Prado in the context of the Italian Renaissance workshops
Ana González Mozo (Museo del Prado). MNAC Auditorium

10 January, 7 pm
Close-up on Van Eyck: the ‘Altarpiece of the Mystic Lamb’
Bart Fransen (Royal Institute of the Artistic Heritage, Brussels). MNAC Auditorium

17 January, 7 pm
Forgeries and the legitimating value of the museum: the ‘Cajas Chinas’ project (round table)
Montse Carreño and Raquel Muñoz (artists) and Damià Martínez (MNAC). Exhibition rooms

24 January, 7 pm
Contemporary art materials, a challenge for conservation (round table)
Joan Fontcuberta and Perejaume (artists) and Xavier Rossell (MACBA). Moderator: Mireia Mestre (MNAC)

Technical sessions

29 and 30 January
Works of art under examination
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