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educArt families and spare time 2012-2013

Family activities

Date:As from October 7th
Time:11.30 am



Fairies that Don't Get Cross
Visit and bodily expression Workshop

We shall discover the drawings of fairies, get to know their characteristics, the symbolism and the connections with nature. Through observation and different expressive languages (music, dance, plastic creation), children and adults will get closer to the works of art in a playful and hands-on way.

Dates: October 7th, November 25th, February 10th, April 14th and June 2nd

What a Beast of a Ball!
Visit and bodily expression Workshop

Come and dance with a host of fantastic animals! The movement of the line, the rhythm of colour and the balance of shapes can be explored through dance. In the Museum's Romanesque art collection, a host of fantastic animals are waiting for you: the lion-eagle, the dragon, the duck-fish ? Then, get ready for the grand final dance.

Dates: October 14th, December 9th, February 17th, April 21st, June 9th

Stories in Relief
Visit and corporal expression workshop

By experimenting with our senses and our body, we'll discover as a family the stories in relief of mud, stone, wood and metal hiding in sculptures by the artists Manolo Hugué, Joan Rebull, Leandre Cristòfol, Pau Gargallo and Juli González.

Dates: October 21st, December 16th, February 24th, April 28th, June 16th


The Blue Hour

With Santiago Rusiñol, we shall travel from the light of Sitges to the fog of Paris. We will experiment with the colour and we will make our own toy theatre inspired by his work ‘El pati blau’.

Dates: October 28th, January 13th, March 3rd, May 5th

Active visit

A selection of works from the 19th and 20th centuries will lead you to discover what an art museum is. Here you will find paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs that show portraits, figures, landscapes, still lifes? With this proposal the children, accompanied by adults, will get closer to art through the emotions, favouring the expression of ideas and feelings.

Dates: November 4th, January 20th, March 10th, May 12th

I spy…
Rhyming route. Workshop visit

Clever puns, rhymes and verses will give us the keys to discovering details hidden behind each work.

Dates: November 11th, January 27th, March 17th, May 19th

Coins and banknotes. Much more than just money!
Visit and art and craft workshop around the Collection of the Numismatic Cabinet of Catalonia of the MNAC

When were coins invented? How were they made? We can find answers to these and other questions in the exhibition rooms. In the workshop, we'll put our research gloves on and handle real coins to discover the secrets they hide. We can use everything we learn to make our own banknote.

Dates: November 18th, February 3rd, April 7th, May 26th


Sundays at 11.30 am

2 h, except EmocionAR-Te (duration: 1h 30 min)

Activities of 2 hours: €4/person - €82 group
Activities of 1 h 30 min.: €3/person - €70 group

Amics del MNAC, 30 % off

Children who don’t have the recommended minimum age for the activity has free admission

Information and bookings:
Tel. 93 622 03 75 and (you will be sent confirmation of your booking)

Limited room
Groups between 10 and 25 people may make appointments at different times to these.

Children must always be accompanied by adults


Architecture workshop for children between 7 and 12 years old, with the aim to bring the architecture to children in a creative and fun way, giving them the tools to behave as future responsible users of their environment.
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