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The MNAC enigmas: Painted Murder

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The MNAC enigmas: Painted Murder

Painted Murder (7 years and older)

Fancy yourselves as detectives? Use your powers of observation, apply your ingenuity to the clues you'll find in the exhibition rooms and solve the horrible crime that took place some centuries ago. Through this activity, you'll get to know the Museum's Gothic Art Collection from a different angle. You'll see how works of art hide lots of secrets!

The theft of the bestiary (7 years and older)

Fancy yourselves as detectives? A page has disappeared from an illustrated manuscript with pictures of lots of animals. The clues you'll find in the paintings in the Romanesque Art Collection will help you identify it and your skill as detectives will also help you find the thief.

An activity for learning lots of new things about the world of animals and people more than eight centuries ago!

Pick up your clue notebook and start investigating!

And if you come up with the final answer, you'll get a certificate to show what good detectives you are.

Independent activity for carrying out at any time during the Museum opening hours (included in the general admission). Collect the material for this activity at the information desk in the Museum vestibule.

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